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Embrace Your Passion

From a young age CC always loved to sing.  but not until 2016, while attending a local Kansas City venue did she find her love of the Blues.  This quickly became a passion that found her creating her own music and sound. Honing her craft at local blues jams around the city, she knew very quickly this was something she could never let go of.  Thus, CC and the Remedy was Born. 

CC Hardy commands the stage with her powerful lyrics and vocals. Aiden Jensen's searing

guitar riffs, Billy Kelly's bass licks, and percussion from Robert Batiste provide a strong foundation.   Brian Macdonald brings color and vibrance to the group with his trumpet.



Be Inspired, Feel the Moment

Taking from life experience, and the emotion of the music, CC has taken the performance of the Blues to a different Level.  It has become an experience at each and every show.

"If I have one person come up to me at the end of a show and tell me we made them feel the music and not just hear it, I know we have done our job"

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